Sunday 2 October 2011

November 5th is the International Day of Solidarity with Iranian Workers. Join us on this day of action!

To all labour and human rights organisations

Protest against the heavy sentences for imprisoned workers and political activists in Iran and demand their immediate and unconditional release!

The Islamic Republic has recently handed down heavy prison sentences to labour and political activists in Iran. These criminal acts of repression must be met by an international protest.

Calling for the release of imprisoned workers and all political activists in Iran, we, together with a number of labour and human rights organisations, declare Saturday November 5th the International Day of Solidarity with Iranian Workers!

All sentences against jailed workers and political activists must be overturned, and all political prisoners must be released immediately and unconditionally. Such a regime should be thrown out of all international bodies, and from the International Labour Organisation (ILO).

We expect the strongest support from labour and human rights organisations across the world. We call on you to join this day of action and support the imprisoned workers in Iran in any way you can.

Free Them Now! (Campaign to Free Jailed Workers in Iran)

Masoud Arjang

Saber Rahimi

Shahnaz Morattab

Mamad Amiri
Hasan Salehi

Shiva Mahbobi

Arsalan Nazeri

Jamal Saberi

29 September 2011

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