Thursday, 31 May 2012

A regime which arrests, jails and flogs workers should not be in the ILO!

Islamic regime of IRAN out of ILO!
Boycott the Islamic Republic of Iran at the ILO conference!

A delegation from the Islamic regime of Iran is attending the annual conference of the International Labour Organisation (ILO) in Geneva, Switzerland, from 30th May to 15th June 2012. These people are not the representatives of Iranian workers or people, but of a regime which is a persistent and systematic abuser of workers’ and human rights. This regime jails and flogs workers for organising in unions, for attending May Day rallies and for protesting over pay and conditions. This regime is a horrific abuser of human rights: It executes children and stones women to death and has the highest record, in proportion to population, of executions in the world. Such a regime should not be in the ILO, but in international courts to face charges for its crimes against humanity. This regime should be expelled from the ILO and from all international bodies.

We request all the workers’ groups and all delegates appalled at the abuse of labour and human rights in Iran to walk out of any sessions at which the representatives of the Islamic regime of Iran may want to take the podium and speak. Their mere presence should prompt your immediate walkout.

Just as the regime of racial Apartheid faced international boycott and isolation, so the regime of gender Apartheid and gross labour and human rights violations should be boycotted, and expelled from all international bodies, and first and foremost from an organisation which bears the name of worker.
  • Protest the attendance of the Islamic regime of Iran at the ILO conference!
  • Boycott the Islamic Republic of Iran’s delegation!
  • Call for the release of all jailed workers in Iran!
  • Demand the expulsion of the Islamic Republic of Iran from the ILO!

Free Them Now! Campaign to Free Jailed Workers in Iran

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30 May 2012

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